Kim Kardashian PR News

This week one of my classmates tweeted an article that I found very interesting. This article explains how Kim is switching PR agencies from her former publicist Jill Fritzo (who still represents the rest of the Kardashians) to Slate PR co-founder Ina Treciokas. The article explains how they think she did this to separate herself from her family and the drama that is now going on with Lamar Odem’s alleged drug scandal. I think that this shows the importance of how fragile PR is and how  important it is for people to keep the reputation they want. I don’t blame Kim for wanting to build her own team, especially after what drama her family is causing. This new PR firm that now has Kim in their hands sure does have their work cut out for them. They’re going to have to work hard to keep up Kim’s reputation, along with helping her with a good image seen by the public. I’m sure that they’ll have pretty paychecks along with this work as well. In this video ( the ladies are talking about how they think Kim wants a new image. Transforming from the sexy fashion icon she was, to a settled down mother. They also talk about how having a publicist is important and Ina Treciokas  (also publicist for other celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker) will help her form the mommy image she may be looking for and away from the craziness with her family. In my opinion Kim is doing great things. She is showing maturity, independence and seems to be trying to do what’s best for her new family.


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